Welcome to Alien-Ideas

Welcome to the Alien-Ideas Project!

"What IS the Alien-Ideas Project?", you might ask... For the TL;DR crowd, here's the short-and-sweet of it; For now, it's just a dumping-ground for (hopefully) good ideas and useful information... That's it, that's all.

Exciting, right? RIGHT?! No, Seriously. It's Truly Thrilling isn't it? You just know it is!


Yea, I know... Another random website... Well, it pleases me to work on it, and since it's my website, that's all that really matters here; although I do hope it pleases others, and that some of you folk out there will find more than just a little useful (or at least entertaining) information posted here.

Alien-Ideas Pages

  • Journal — Alien-Ideas Web-Log and Public Journal
  • Manuals — Instructional Manuals and Documentation
  • People — Profile Pages of Alien-Ideas People

Off-Site Links

  • Coding — Links related to writing Computer Code.
  • Gaming — Links related to Games and Gaming.
  • Graphics — Links related to Graphics and Art.
  • Recipes — Links related to Food and Drink Recipes.
  • Videos — Links related to sources of Video.

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